Twenty Seven (27) White Papers/PowerPoints by Ralph Elliott

Reader-friendly recaps of bankable seminar marketing ideas and so many easily implementable tips, shortcuts, common sense changes - yours for $45 to read, share, and forward to colleagues at the click of your mouse.

"I highly recommend you purchase Ralph's white papers/power points. They create a whirlwind of ideas to try out. On top of that, you get answers to any follow-on questions you might have by simply dropping him a note."

Morgan Rigby, Chairman
MBL Seminar, Denning House
Worsley, Manchester England

Here are the 27 topics you will receive:

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1. Thirty Three (33) Effective Seminar Marketing Tips/ Email Marketing Tips
2. Creating Irresistible Offers
3. Use Email Drip Promotions to Convert More of Your Inquiries into Customers
4. How to Overcome the Nine (9) Most Common Objections to Registering for Your Programs
5. How do You Decide Whether to Offer a Seminar in One Central Location Versus Whether to Present the Program in Multiple Locations
6. How to Select Your Sample Size When Testing an External Email List for its Potential Response Rate
7. How to Use a Direct Mail Postcard to Build Your Seminar Marketing Data Base
8. Eighteen (18) Issues to Consider When Choosing a Seminar Price
9. Seven (7) Key Questions to Evaluate a Program Failure
10. Fifteen (15) Ways to Use Direct Mail Follow-Up Promotions
11. List Serv Recommendations for Seminar Marketing Brochure Designers
12. What to Do If They Don't Like Your Program
13. Titles and Tag Lines If Used Correctly Can Increase Attendance
14. Choose Paper to 'Dress' the Direct Mail Package
15. Sixteen (16) Ways to Build Traffic for Your Exhibitors
16. Eight (8) Seminar Attendance Building Suggestions Using Certificates
17. How to Make Your Programs Different
18. Price Testing Can Make Your Seminars More Profitable
19. How to Use Pricing Discounts in Seminar Marketing: Sixteen (16) Reasons for Seminar Marketing Discounts - When and How Much?
20. Copywriting: Sixteen Elements That Convey Your Message
21. How to Use Direct Mail to Drive Web Traffic and Get More Inquiries
22. How to Use Direct Mail Marketing to Convert Inquiries into Customers and to Convince Existing Customers and Their Managers to Return for Additional Seminars/Conferences
23. Eight (8) Ways to Convert Your Public Seminar Attendees into In-House Customers!
24. PPT- Top 10 STEPS to Running a KNOCKOUT Webinar
25. PPT- How to Build a Highly Responsive Email List
26. PPT- Effective Email Marketing: How to Get More Marketing Mileage Out of Your Email List
27. PPT- Website Conference Copy Components to Increase Your Registrations

Cost $45 (Click to buy)

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