Webinar - Fill Your Annual Conferences with Effective Microsite Marketing

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Dear Colleagues,

From our discussions with many of you, we know that fewer and fewer people are enrolling in your annual conferences plus they are booking later and later. This issue is causing you headaches with room and meal guarantees, workbook production and shipping, sign-in documentation, not to mention cash flow!

Listen to Ralph Elliott and Brad Kleinman in their 60-minute Webinar and learn how get prospects to enroll for your annual conferences... despite the economy... in the face of budget considerations... and sooner, rather than later, by creating irresistible microsites that create an overwhelming sense of urgency to attend your annual conferences.

Get Thirty (30) recommendations on key copy components you should have at your microsites from Ralph Elliott. Take away Google and Social Medial Marketing recommendations from social media expert Brad Kleinman.

Feel free to email me at: anne@seminarmarketing.org or call me at 864.506.0742 if you have any questions. Otherwise, buy the Webinar by clicking on the button in the banner.

Anne Copeland
Director of Marketing

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