Get Answers to These Twenty Three (23) Questions

  1. How to evaluate all internet marketing tools and determine the best approaches for your programs.
  2. How to identify the trends and models that will work for you in the next two years.
  3. How to take advantage of your social & mobile communities before and after program.
  4. How other producers are building their 365-day social media & mobile programs.
  5. Why it's important to have a social media & mobile schedules that starts the moment last year's program ends.
  6. How to build momentum for your annual event nine months, six months and three months out.
  7. The most important times of the year to engage your social media & mobile followers.
  8. How to determine which search engine marketing channels & mobile tools work best for you—and when.
  9. Which direct mail tactics combined with internet tools is best for drawing attendees to your programs.
  10. How the number of website impressions you collect can translate into sponsorship and online sales.
  11. How to turn the number of Facebook "likes" you have into meaningful information that will help your attendance.
  12. Best practices for analysis using Google Analytics.
  13. How to build buzz in meeting rooms and hotel lobbies that will transfer to your programs.
  14. How program producers are turning first-time attendees into year-round fans.
  15. How to bring exhibitors in on the excitement and help them find leads for themselves.
  16. How to take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media to build registrations.
  17. Which tactics lead to more revenue generation than others?
  18. How your colleagues are turning friends, fans, and followers into clients and customers.
  19. How to use search, social media & mobile marketing to supercharge registrations by connecting registrations directly to lead generation.
  20. How to promote (and up sell) sponsors on social & mobile channels and help them connect in meaningful new ways to your audience.
  21. How to shift through the social media & mobile metrics to find those most important to you and your program.
  22. How to find the right way to take advantage of social media & mobile during the event to enhance the experiences of participants.
  23. How to use social media & mobile marketing both before and after your event to turn it into a 365-day experience that puts you and your programs right at the heart of the community and industry it serves.
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