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ESMI Director of Education and Training, Linda Carol Craven (864.710.4312) or linda@seminarmarketing.org

Let’s face it: The world is changing at an incredibly fast rate. It is imperative that, as an entrepreneur, you stay on top of the latest best practices to improve the marketing at our organizations.

ESMI Turn-Key Marketing program offers the six tools described below. We will help in creating a time line for a marketing rollout, and we can help facilitate the implementation of the plan. Not all tactics are critical to success of your marketing efforts, but each has the ability to deliver your message to your customers in new ways.

  1. Microsite: ESMI offers the capability for your organization to develop a 2-4 page micro site promoting any number of programs, or one program individually. Your brand will be consistent throughout the site, and these sites can include:

    a. Registration forms
    b. Contact forms
    c. Downloads of registration forms and content
    d. Shopping carts for online registration

  2. Social Media is changing the rules of how organizations market their products and services. This can be positive for both your organization and your prospective customers, and ESMI will work with your organization to determine some of the best tools to utilize, including:

    a. Blogs
    b. Wikis
    c. Web 2.0 sites such as FlickR, YouTube

  3. Email Marketing is an important component in a marketing system to maintain a strong base of engaged customers. Email Marketing Services include:

    a. Design a custom template for your institution, department, or individual programs
    b. Develop a plan for building your email list or segmenting your current list
    c. Send email blast campaigns which track the individuals who open and click on the email
    d. Implement a strategy for improving open and click-through rates over time

  4. Online Videos can add a personal touch to your eMarketing campaigns, and have been proven to enhance customer conversion if executed appropriately. We can work with your organization to roll out many different types of videos:

    a. Slide Shows featuring highlights of your organization, your division, or upcoming programs
    b. Videos featuring customer success stories and case studies
    c. Custom videos where our team will record a several minute clip for your organization

  5. Social Networks are increasingly popular and your organization must have a strategy for having a presence on the sites. Social networking gives you an opportunity to maintain a large amount of relationships online, and connect with prospects on their turf. ESMI will help develop a strategy that picks the most influential networks for your organization and help customize them for your campaign. These networks include, but are not limited to:

    a. Facebook
    b. LinkedIn
    c. Twitter

  6. Traditional Marketing is an important component we feel cannot be neglected. With any marketing system, there needs to be a solid balance between traditional marketing and eMarketing. ESMI can partner with your team to analyze your use of traditional marketing collateral and recommend the appropriate marketing mix for your future efforts.

Please contact me at 864.710.4312 or email me at: linda@seminarmarketing.org.

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