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Learn tricks of the trade used by some of the biggest players in the seminar promotion business ­ straight from the man who mentored them himself. ESMI and Ralph Elliott presents: "How to Promote Online and Face-to-Face Programs for Maximum Payback."

Available as a public workshop, In-house presentation, or as a kickoff keynote.

Creating a distance education program is not easy. There's a ton of details to consider, countless bases to cover, changing budgets to deal with, and a big bottom line to shoot for. Even the smallest misfire can spell trouble in lost registrants, unhappy attendees or unexpected expenditures. Your organization's reputation is on the line ­- maybe even your own job. But you already know that! What you may not know is there are scores of little-known ways to simplify promotion.

We have tricks of the trade from years of experience, lots of smart testing, hard-won victories and even embarrassing defeats. As with any endeavor, simplicity breeds success ­ with happy customers, repeat business and bigger profits.

Plan now to learn these insider tricks! A recognized expert and educator will clue you in on everything from efficient execution of direct marketing fundamentals to sophisticated selling strategies. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned veteran, you'll come away from a Ralph Elliott presentation with new and effective ways to pack the house and show a healthy profit.

Contact Ralph Elliott at: 864.710.2815 or rdeclemson@gmail.com for a free consultation. Work with Ralph, and you will take away the savvy and support you need to:

  • Tweak existing promotion models to crack that elusive break-even bar
  • Start off at break-even if you are new to the seminar/conference promotion business
  • Tailor your message and image to fit your audience, regardless of the price of your event

Or, scrap your shop-worn promotion model altogether and create a brand new plan with a fresh look and feel! You can offer more compelling benefits, a repositioned pitch with a sweeter offer, a rock-solid guarantee, and an incredibly simple sign-up process.

Get a whirlwind of marketing ideas by requesting Elliott's presentation on Best Practices to Get People to Respond Now! Simply provide your email address in the box below. We promise to respect your privacy.

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