Capitalize on ESMI's Three-Phase Approach to Improve the Profitability of Your Off-Campus, Distance, and Continuing Education Programs.

  • A ground-laying phase will include preliminary discussions with you and key decision-makers to identify the parameters of a project and to establish the objectives for our services. Take away a written summary of your aims and outcomes that will form the basis of an eventual contract to collaborate together.
  • After a working agreement has been put in place, the evidence- gathering phase will begin. Meetings will be arranged with appropriate Associates either individually or in groups. A template for prior circulation will be provided so general orientations and specific concerns are addressed.
  • The report-writing and presentation phase covers many issues including:
    a) the range of market opportunities
    b) the breath of programs in your product mix
    c) the reach of programs relative to customer distribution
    d) the potential growth for existing as well as new programs     and markets
    e) the organizational structure and the engagement of     resource people
    f) a review of rankings that enhance brand power
    g) organizational aspirations
    h) threats both internal as well as external and
    i) a review of any initiatives which might rebound to your     discredit.

Every organization has its idiosyncratic characteristics and ESMI is prepared to flex its approach and templates accordingly. Contact Ralph Elliott (864.710.2815) now to begin the assessment of your organization and make plans for future development and success.

Implement today's current norms, tomorrow's emergent criteria, and world-wide best practices.

I attended Ralph Elliott's marketing program 13 years ago in Australia & built a multi-million-dollar conference organization. I am back to the US for another session. Ralph is the seminar organizer's guru, the world's best! implementable ideas.Seminar Marketing Right Quote Mark

- Dr. Charles Schofield

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