Why should you bring the ESMI Marketing Boot Camp (From Insights to Innovation) to your organization?

Putting on a successful webinar, workshop, seminar, or conference isn't easy. Neither is promoting online classes.

  • There are essential details to consider, important bases to cover, varying budgets, and that all important bottom-line
  • There are skeptics who don't recognize your brand or appreciate your expertise. How do you build credibility and promote your programs?
  • You have to convince different categories of people (not just your prospects, but their bosses and the budget watchers)
  • You have to choose the most effective combination of marketing tools from among email, social media, mobile marketing, web-based search engine optimization and marketing, plus direct mail and video marketing. How do you attract attendees and still keep your programs cost effective?
  • You have to overcome built-in objections, such as prospects soured by a competitor's seminar or an organizational culture of, "We don't need outside help", "With budget cuts, we can't afford to attend," and "Where do we get the time?"
  • Even the smallest misfire can spell trouble in lost registrants, unhappy attendees or unexpected expenditures.
  • Your organization's reputation is on the line - maybe even your own job.

How do you meet these challenges and objections?

Book the ESMI Marketing boot camp and learn how to use social, mobile and internet marketing to overcome objections, engage audiences, enhance communities, generate buzz and keep your participants involved long before - and after - the event itself.

More importantly, get internet marketing tools that offer new opportunities for revenue generation and create a new blueprint for marketing success!

Review the the ESMI Marketing Boot Camp (From Insights to Innovation) Agenda and call Anne Copeland at 864.506.0742 or email her at: anne@seminarmarketing.org to get a free proposal on bringing the Boot Camp to your organization.

I attended Ralph Elliott's marketing program 13 years ago in Australia & built a multi-million-dollar conference organization. I am back to the US for another session. Ralph is the seminar organizer's guru, the world's best! implementable ideas.Seminar Marketing Right Quote Mark

- Dr. Charles Schofield

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