Putting on a successful webinar, workshop, seminar, conference or promoting your online classes isn't easy.

  • There are a ton of details to consider, countless bases to cover, changing budgets to deal with, and a big bottom-line to shoot for.
  • There are skeptics who do not recognize your brand or who do not appreciate your expertise in your field. How do you build credibility and promote yourself and your programs?
  • You have to think about the many different categories of people to sway your way (not just prospects themselves but their bosses, budget watchers, and big egos).
  • You have costly promotions. email, social media, mobile marketing, web-based search engine optimization & marketing plus direct mail & video marketing. How do you drum up attendees with these tools and keep your programs cost effective?
  • You have to overcome built-in objections, for example: prospects soured by a competitor's seminar/conference, or an organizational culture of, 'We don't need outside help' or, 'With budget cuts, we can't afford to attend, nor do we have the time.'

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I attended Ralph Elliott's marketing program 13 years ago in Australia & built a multi-million-dollar conference organization. I am back to the US for another session. Ralph is the seminar organizer's guru, the world's best! implementable ideas.Seminar Marketing Right Quote Mark

- Dr. Charles Schofield

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